Blood Bowl tournament spreadsheet roster

Here you can find a roster for tournaments where is included the two new races of Khorne and Bretonnian moreover all the new inducements and updates showed at the new Blood Bowl 2016 and the Death Zones.

If you find any error o you have any suggestion, you can leave a comment in this post o write to me to

This spreadsheet is based on one created by Casper Hansen as a commission of, the 95% of the job and recognition is for them.


Aquí podéis encontrar un roster para torneos en el que se incluyen las dos nuevas razas de Khorne y Bretonianos así como todos los nuevos inducements y actualizaciones aparecidas en el nuevo Blood Bowl 2016 y los Death Zones.

Si encontráis cualquier fallo o tenéis cualquier sugerencia podéis dejar un comentario aquí mismo o escribir a

Este spreadsheet esta basado en el creado por Casper Hansen a petición de, el 95% del trabajo y el reconocimiento es para ellos.

Descarga el roster v.3.0 / Download the roster v.3.0

Actualizaciones / Updates


Karla skill correction: “Looner” -> “Loner” (again)
Error Bretonnian skill: wrestke -> wrestle
Correct limit lineman skaven in Underworld
Correct Star Player errors
Add “sent off” to Match History
Wizard prize 150k
Correct statistics in Match History tab


Eliminated “New / Old Wizard” and leave only “Wizard – 150k”, as the new wizard is Horatio that is already included in Infamous Coaches.
Karla skill correction: “Looner” -> “Loner”
Corrected error Skeleton Undead team
Corrected maximum number of Ghouls in Undead team
Included a “Notes” box in the Match History
Corrected the print area
File less heavy


Khorne and Bretonnian
(In)famous Coaches
Special Inducements
Special Plays
New Wizards
New Goblin and Pact Positionals
New Skills
New Star Players
Race and Positional New Names
Option to Eliminate Negrataits
Option for a Custom Player

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